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financial models

Easily design your model in the online editor and download a ready-to-use MS Excel® file or
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We bring together everything that’s required.

Build easy, save time and money, and boost productivity.

Generate an entire 
financial model in minutes

Whether you're starting from scratch or expanding on an existing model, our tools can power up your processes.

  • A three-statement model includes the income statement, balance sheet, and cash flow
  • Jumpstart your modeling with the pre-built templates
  • Leverage AI to suggest income and other items for your model
  • Save your work in the cloud

Simple, intuitive online editor

Financial model has at last become transparent. Easily navigate income and expenses, change layout and looks.

Easily manage model resources

Add revenues, expenses, investments and financing to your model with a few clicks. Take assumptions straight to your file.

Need a customized model? Happy to help!

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